An e-book (also: eBook, ebook), sometimes called an electronic book, refers to a book that is available in electronic (or digital) form as opposed to the conventional printed book. E-books are an emerging and rapidly changing technology that can include other formats such as online magazines or digital books designed to be listened to as audio books.

E-books are available in a variety of formats, usually in Adobe PDF or eBook Reader format, or in Microsoft’s LIT format. The myriad of e-book formats can overwhelm the average user as he explores the advantage and disadvantage of each format. For the average end user, what’s important is their ability to read the book of their choice.

A good eBook will use technology effectively, with tables of contents that link to the correct chapters and search capabilities. Links to Web sites and other files might also be included.

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents can easily be seen and printed by users on a variety of computer and platform types making them very common on the World Wide Web. Most of the eBooks you find on this website are in the .pdf format.

All the eBooks found here will cost no more than $7.

Why $7?

  1. Keeping the price low for these eBooks makes them available for more people.
  2. $7 puts the eBooks within reach of the vast majority of people. It’s not too expensive for even the humblest beginning online businessperson.
  3. Anyone who’s not serious enough to invest the price of a fast food dinner into a valuable eBook isn’t going to take the time to really make use of the valuable information contained in it.

Buying an ebook is more preferable than buying traditional ones because:

  • You can buy an ebook without leaving home from your personal computer.
  • You get the ebook immediately after buying and you can save it on your hard disk or print it.
  • As the popularity of eBooks continues to explode, more and more titles are becoming available on just about any subject you can imagine.
  • You can quickly choose the ebook you need from our directory.